[Black] Kampot Peppercorn, Single-Origin
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[Black] Kampot Peppercorn, Single-Origin

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Product Description

Harvested by hand, these peppercorns have an amazing aroma, with mild spice. And has found itself in fine-dining, Michelin-rated kitchens all over the world.

“Kampot Pepper really is black gold.” -David Chang

Black Peppercorns delivers a full and well-rounded aroma. Its taste is intense, yet smooth with a sweet finish

Angkor Food guarantees 100%  Kampot province origin.
Angkor Food is Organic and Fair-Trade compliant.


Kampot peppercorns, the ultimate pepper for connoisseurs, are grown and produced only in Kampot, Cambodia.  It is the tough and lush terroir of the valleys in Cambodia's Geographically Protected Kampot region that yields superior peppercorns having a distinctive character.

During the genocidal rule of the [Khmer Rouge] the Khmer peppercorn industry almost went extinct. And Angkor Food is passionately preserving Khmer culture through its single-origin Kampot Peppercorns.