Tamarind Concentrate, Organic [5.29 oz.]
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Tamarind Concentrate, Organic [5.29 oz.]

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Buying tamarind pulp can be very fussy- soak it overnight, prepare it. Skip the headache and buy this concentrate. It’s ready to use out the jar.

Product Description

This ingredient is a key element to adding sourness to many Asian iconic national dishes [Thai Tom Yum, Vietnamese Cua Rang Me, Khmer Salaw Machu Kroeung, etc.]

  • Sour and slightly sweet with notes of brown sugar, dates, dried plums, and molasses
  • The concentrate is thick and dark brown in color
  • Made from Tamarind and water only.
  • Gluten-Free, No Added Sugar or Salt
  • Vegan | NON-GMO | No Colors

Angkor Food is Organic and Fair-Trade compliant.